Is GUAC Spaces only for creatives?
While we want to create a hub for content creators and freelancers, we want to welcome people of all kinds here. Our strength lies in our diversity, and we want to celebrate that. Creative or not, you are more than welcomeDo I need to be a freelancer to use the space?
Not at all! We have chosen to create a dialogue between freelancers because we believe that this life can seem all too solitary. Having a community built around productivity can make the experience more wholesome for everybody involved. If you are a small team, feel free to get in touch!Are there any private cabins for companies?
We do not offer private cabins. However, we do have meeting rooms if you would like to conduct client meetings or videoconference calls in a private setting.

What is included in the plans?
While different plans come with different offerings, all members of GUAC Spaces have access to unlimited coffee & tea, high-speed internet and the freedom to relax on the terrace. For more information on the specifics behind each plan, do check out our packages page.

Is there any parking?
We hope to offer parking for two-wheelers within our building premises. However, currently, we do not offer any parking for cars inside the building, but you can park your vehicle on the street, at your own risk.

What’s the best way to get to GUAC Spaces?
If you live near the metro line, this would be both the quickest and most comfortable way to reach GUAC Spaces. Disembark at Chakala Metro Station, exit at Gate 4 (JB Nagar Fish Market exit), and take a rickshaw from the stand that’s at the end of the staircase. Tell the rickshaw driver that you would like to go to Bombay Cambridge International School, and GUAC Spaces is just down the road from there.

If you are taking the train, and prefer not to use the metro, GUAC Spaces is a short rickshaw ride from Andheri Station.

If you prefer to use ride-sharing apps, we are registered as a destination on Google Maps, so you are just a click away from paying us a visit!

I’d like to bring my pet along, what’s the process for getting them approved?
While pets are more than welcome at the space, we would like to ensure a productive working environment for everybody. Pet access is reserved for those who sign up for 3 months or more, you can see the full list of pet-related rules at the link here.

Do you have any food service on site?
We currently do not serve food, but we are building a list of tiffin services and partner restaurants where we hope to avail discounts for GUAC Spaces members. We do have a microwave and fridge to make it possible for you to bring food from home.